Eagle Eye on DVD

Eagle Eye on DVD. The adrenaline junkies will love this one, but those looking for significant character development or a cohesive plot should seek satisfaction elsewhere. Two ordinary Chicagoans, Jerry (Shia LeBeouf) and Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) are coerced by a seemingly omnipotent organization into participating in a high-level assassination plot. In between the car chases, crashes and explosions, there are a few attempts to give some back stories to the pair, but mostly it’s a series of car chases, crashes and explosions as they try to avoid the authorities led by Billy Bob Thornton as the FBI investigator.

What’s most disappointing is why the sophisticated, evil mastermind who can remotely control docking cranes, airport luggage systems and power grids not to mention a score of individuals besides Jerry and Rachel can’t conceive of a simpler, more elegant plan. Instead our villain emulates the scoundrels of the Adam West Batman television series by creating Rube Goldberg-like schemes with multiple moving parts. Jerry and Rachel inevitably make mistakes that require interventions and assistance from the behind-the-scenes puppeteer. Alert viewers will even find a similarity between Get Smart’s C.H.A.O.S. plot and this one.


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