The House Bunny on DVD

The House Bunny on DVD. After a string of action movies, sometimes you just need something silly and funny for a change. This film certainly isn’t a masterpiece and it may not be all that original either, but it filled that need satisfactorily. It’s basically another retelling of the “ugly ducklings become popular but lose their inner beauty until they discover their true selves” story. Anna Faris plays Shelley, a former long-time resident at the Playboy Mansion who finds herself out in the real world for the first time in her adult life. She stumbles into the position of house mother to a sorority full of misfits who need a complete transformation in order to attract the pledges necessary to keep their charter. There are elements of Animal House and Revenge of the Nerds as our heroines battle their evil pan-Hellenic counterparts. There are also some similarities to Tommy Lee Jones’ character from Man of the House in that both Ranger Roland Sharp and Shelley are somewhat in the fish-out-of-water scenario with much to learn from their charges, especially when it comes to dating. Although a lot of the humor is of the “dumb blonde” variety, one never forgets that Faris is playing a character and doing it well. Emma Stone as the sorority president and Colin Hanks as Shelley’s love interest give good supporting performances, though the rest of the characters are rather one-dimensional. Overall, there isn’t much depth here, but it was a nice break from the testosterone-dominated fare lately on display. The DVD also contains almost an hour a featurettes.


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