The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor on DVD

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor on DVD. My Chinese friends who had seen this third entry in the Mummy series starring Brendan Fraser all found it to be the worst of the group. However, I enjoyed the change in scenery from the deserts of Egypt and jungles of Africa to the ice fields of the Himalayans and the battlefields near the Great Wall. They were disheartened that Rachel Weisz did not return for a third time in the role of Evy O’Connell, but I thought Maria Bello was fine in the role and I liked the witty way in which she was introduced to the audience. Besides, the film focuses much more on the tempestuous father-son relationship between the now adult son, Alex, played by Luke Ford, and Fraser’s Rick O’Connell. The basic plot remains unchanged: a mummy (Jet Li) comes to life and seeks vast power with the assistance of his enormous undead army and some modern-day evil doers, in this case a Chinese general. The O’Connells must stop the mummy and are helped by the guardians of the tomb, an immortal sorceress (Michelle Yeoh) and her beautiful daughter. There is little that distinguishes this film from the other two, but it certainly lives up to the standards set previously. For those looking forward to volume four, the series moves to ancient Mexico for its next unearthing.


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