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Vordak the Incomprehensible

Pfzzt … Greetings insignificant readers of The unset alarm clock.  I, Moldar the Omnipotent, have temporarily taken over this blog as step one of my evil plan to conquer the world.  Step two: I command you to read “Vordak the Incomprehensible: how to grow up and rule the world.”  This self-help guide will increase your evilness and is filled with many practical tips on such topics as selecting sinister lairs, managing your minions, and building diabolically clever yet extremely slow-acting death traps.  Naturally, some of you may feel that reading juvenile fiction is beneath you and none of you will become as wondrously evil as I, Moldar the Omnipotent, but it should help you prepare if you decide to interview to be one of my henchmen.

You have three days in which to complete this assignment or face the consequences (if you need more time, I guess that’s alright since I’ll be visiting my sister for the holidays anyway and won’t have time to implement the consequences until I get back).  MUAHAHAHAHA!


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