Flip Flop Fly Ball Follow Up: the Quiz

A follow-up post to my review of Flip Flop Fly Ball by Craig Robinson, here is a quiz based on some of my favorite questions answered in the book (answers to follow this weekend):

1. How many of the 14 expansion teams since 1961, how many started their franchise histories with a 1-0 record?

2. From 1964 through 1992, at least one team each season wore powder blue road uniforms (11 teams in 1980-81).  Name the first and last teams to follow this trend.

3. How many MLB venues are named a Park?  How many are a Field? And how many a Stadium?

4. Rank in terms of height: Marine Corps War Memorial, the Hollywood sign, NFL regulation goalposts, The Green Monster (just the wall, not including those awful seats where the netting should still be)?

5. Before the Cubs in 1988, who was the next-to-last team among the pre-expansion teams to add lights to their stadium?

6. As of the 2009 season, name the only two stadiums where the catcher is facing Northwest instead of Northeast or Southeast?

7. As of the 2009 season, name the only three MLB stadiums at an elevation greater than 1,000 feet?

8. Name the American town within the continuous states farthest from a major league team?

9. Including Fall, Winter, Minor and Instructional Leagues as well as spring training and MLB regular season games, on how many days during 2009 could you have seen a game in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area?

10. In the Steve Miller Band’s song “Rock’n Me,” he travels from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma, then Philadelphia, Atlanta and L.A. before returning to Northern California.  What pitcher played for teams in all those places (except Tacoma, though he did play for Seattle and pitched at Tacoma in the PCL as a visiting player)?


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