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The Daily You by Joseph Turow

The Daily You: how the new advertising industry is defining your identity and your worth by Joseph Turow.  I don’t consider myself particularly computer savvy, but even I know that cookies and other devices are tracking most of my online activity and selling that information to marketers so that they can target me with specific advertising.  Apparently, not everyone is as aware of this practice.  Turow provides an extensive history of the advertising industry with special focus on its current and future plans for social profiling and data mining.  His book is way too long at 200 pages, a bit dry and has a definite anti-marketing, pro-consumer protection agenda.  It would have made a good in-depth article for The Economist or The New Yorker magazines.  If you find that you don’t want to slog through the whole thing, read the introduction and the final chapter, skip the rest and you won’t have missed much.


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