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The Juju Rules by Hart Seely

With the start of the baseball playoffs, I thought I’d mention The Juju Rules by Hart Seely. Do you have a favorite shirt you always wear while watching the game? Are you constantly shushing your spouse to the point where you make sure they sit in a specific seat each time, preferably in another room? Then, you might enjoy Hart Seely’s book, The Juju Rules. Or at least that was my hope when I picked it up after Ron Kaplan recommended it on his wonderful blog: Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf. However, Mr. Seely is a Yankee fan and the dual subtitles (1. How to win ballgames from your couch and 2. A memoir of a fan obsessed) accurately reflect the content of the book. Way too many pages (OK, maybe half) are devoted to Seely’s personal love affair with the pinstriped team from the Bronx and only at the end of each chapter does he specifically talk about the twenty-seven rules of juju. Fortunately, these sections are well-marked in the text so that a reader could skip the Yankee-love (which at times made me want to toss the book across the room) and go straight to the juju, which is a lot of fun. And by the way, Rule 3: There is no “lucky” article of clothing and Rule 24: When things are good, keep your damn mouth shut.


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