2015 Books of the year: Non-fiction Runner-up

Runner-up, Non-Fiction. Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang. People often ask me where I find all the books I choose to read. I first heard about Jiang’s book on interpersonal relationships and entrepreneurship when it was reviewed in my college alumni magazine. Jiang was struggling to attract venture capitalists to fund his start-up business and was doubting himself due to the rejections. He decided to try an experiment, with his wife’s approval, where he would be forced to get acceptance from others in order to complete various, quirky assignments, would videotape the interactions and would, hopefully, learn to accept rejection in a better way. Sometimes he failed, but often he would succeed. His video of getting Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the shape of the Olympic rings went viral and he soon was dealing with issues of celebrity and rejection at the same time. He delved further into the academic research on how to ask for help, salesmanship and self-doubt and combines that information as well as his personal story in this entertaining volume.

Honorable Mention, Non-Fiction. China’s Second Continent by Howard W. French. French looks at how China’s foreign policy of assisting African governments with major building projects, both with cheap financing and by immigrating Chinese labor, is helping China gain influence on this developing continent today and its implications for the future.

For all my previous “books of the year” lists, see my dedicated page for these titles.


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