2016 Best Biography. The Tao of Bill Murray by Gavin Edwards

Best Biography. The Tao of Bill Murray: real-life stories of joy, enlightenment and party crashing by Gavin Edwards.  During a year in which his Cubs win the World Series and he personally receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, it’s unlikely that having his biography named a best book of the year by a blog whose readership can be counted on one hand will warrant Bill Murray’s attention.  Then again, he might show up on my doorstep tomorrow.  It is this unpredictable nature, his generosity and his love of life that define Murray’s personality.  Edwards captures Murray’s philosophy of life in ten principles and provides examples of each with stories from both the sets of his movies and from his random encounters with fans around the world.  Will I transform myself into the free spirit that is Murray?  Unlikely.  And this book won’t “wake you up” as Bill hopes to do with everyone he meets, but it will keep you up and turning pages because you won’t want to wait to read the next adventure from his life.

OK, the first two thirds of this book are great.  Unfortunately, in the last third Edwards reviews each of Murray’s fifty-nine films to date with commentary on his performance.  The reviews are adequate, but the occasional behind-the-scenes anecdotes are few and far between.

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