The Dark Game: true spy stories by Paul Janeczko

My second older book (read in 2015) is “The Dark Game: true spy stories” by Paul Janeczko.  This non-fiction title written for a teenage audience is another recommendation from the Unshelved Book Club.  There was a lot of interesting information in it, especially the early sections on spying in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  It is not terribly in-depth, but still well-written.  It uses a chronological arrangement with the two sections mentioned above, then WWI, WWII, the Cold War and a final section on moles in the CIA and FBI during the second half of the 20th century.  Janeczko does a nice job of blending profiles of individuals, organizational histories and technological advances so that it doesn’t become too dry.  It was written in 2010, so it does not include Edward Snowden or any of the NSA eavesdropping stories.  One negative is that is not very visually exciting with only 33 photos in 240 pages and all in black and white, probably for budget reasons.  But the images are interesting and add to the text.

Tomorrow we’ll start with the best books read this past year.


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