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2010 Books of the Year

In addition to the books I reviewed last year:
Best Historical Mystery (foreign setting) “Parisian Prodigal” – Alan Gordon
Best Finance/Economics Book “Age of Turbulence” – Alan Greenspan
Best Entertainment Book “Prisoner of Trebekistan” – Bob Harris

I do want to mention two others that made my 2010 “Books of the Year” list.

Best Historical Mystery (U.S. setting). City of Dragons – Kelli Stanley. As she did with ancient Rome in “Nox Dormienda,” Stanley vividly captures the atmosphere of her setting, 1940 San Francisco, and presents a complicated heroine in PI Miranda Corbie, who seems to subsist on cigarettes and bourbon.

Best Book of the Year. Mr. Lincoln’s High-Tech War: how the North used the telegraph, railroads, surveillance balloons, ironclads, high-powered weapons, and more to win the Civil War – Thomas B. Allen & Roger Allen. Published by National Geographic for young adults, it provides detail without jargon. I found it most interesting given the ongoing conflicts overseas and advancements in drones, communications and medical devices.


The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman.  Fans of Sci-Fi’s current series Warehouse 13 or the older Friday the 13th: the series might enjoy this teen fiction novel about a lonely girl who goes to work as a page in a NYC repository that loans out objects instead of books.  A thief is raiding the Grimm Collection, which contains magical items related to the fairy tales.  Too much teen relationship angst and a weak ending are offset by quirky characters and a new twist on this classic idea.

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