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Spot on badminton description

We’ll take a break from the reviews today to mention one of the best descriptions of badminton I’ve seen in a while. The Chicagoland Badminton group linked to this column by Robert Crampton at the Times Online in England, where they take their badminton pretty seriously. In his essay on getting older he talks about giving up the sport of football (soccer over here) and taking up other pastimes, including badminton:

“And the other factor, cause and effect of feeling ancient, is I’ve taken up badminton. I say taken up, I’ve played it three weeks running, does that count as taken up? Counts enough for a column, that’s for sure.

Very silly word, badminton, I can’t write it, let alone say it, without squirming. Badders is even worse. Still, it’s a good game, although disorientating. Either it happens in slow motion, Chariots of Fire, Nigel Havers running along a beach, or speeded up, Benny Hill being chased through a maze by women in their underwear. There doesn’t seem to be any normal time in between. It’s also one of those games, like croquet or chess, that you think are genteel then turn out to be total bloodsports. The most effective shot in badminton, I am learning, is the smash straight into the other guy’s face.

I feel as if mind and body have been dipped in treacle. Or cannabis. Oh look, a feathered white object is coming in my direction. Absorb information. Ah-ha, better do something about it. Calculate flight path. Issue instructions to legs. Legs initiate one, two, three lumbering strides… Oh dear, feathered white object hits floor six feet away. Point to the opposition.”

As a coach, I can see my beginners experiencing the same disorientation Crampton does.


2008 Spring Invitational

This past weekend, we hosted another small badminton tournament with players from Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin and California.  There were sixteen teams in the men’s doubles event and six in the mixed doubles.  The overriding theme that came out of the weekend was the surprisingly good play by the members of the host club.  It started with Herman teaming up with Dan from Wisconsin to upset the #6 seeds, the only upset of the first round.  But that was just a prelude of things to come.  Bunty and Jim pulled off a minor upset of fourth-seeded Keng and Chun-Ho from Illinois in one quarterfinal whereas seventh-seeded Hull and Jun stunned the #2 seeds in the quarters and the #3 seeds in the semis.  Their wonderful run led to an all-MoBC final against Jeffrey and Xiaoming, the defending champions from the November event.  The top seeds fought off three consecutive game points and won the first game 23-21 and then finished the match with a ten-point run to win the second game 21-14.  Nick and Norman from Wisconsin won the B-draw; Wei and Mike from Missouri the C-draw and Tee and Chee Wai from Lawrence and Kansas City the D-draw.  In the mixed doubles, Steve and Ru from California defeated Norman and Tiffanie, 21-23, 21-19, 21-12.  Overall, the quality of play was higher and much closer than last time with twelve of the 37 matches requiring a deciding third game.  All the draws and results are available here in pdf format.

Our next tournament action will be in April with the Midwest Senior Championships and the Midwest Adult Championships.

doubles results

Sai teamed up with Chris from WI, won their first match, but lost to Norman and Keng in the Rd of 16. They dropped into the B draw, but lost to Kevin Hussey and Hermann from Omaha. Hull and Rohit also lost in the rd of 16 to Sandro Rossi and Nick Schaefer of WI. Rohit and Hull are in the B final now.

The A quarters were all 3-game matches with Matt and Serge beating the two Nguyens from Omaha; Sandro and Nick upsetting Ben Hussey and Peter; Tarwin and Johnny Lee from CA beat Norman and Keng; and Jim and Xiaoming beat Paul Rubin and Nixon Vang from Minneapolis 21-14, 12-21, 21-18. In the semis, it was Matt and Serge in two close games over Sandro and Nick. Tarwin and Johnny’s defense was too much for an inconsistent Jim and Xiaoming 21-15, 21-19.

Ben won the singles over Haagen in two close games 17, 19.

Hull won the sr mixed earlier.

mens semis

Turns out that Norman did not beat Paul Rubin in the quarters. Rubin played Hetschel and despite several wonderful fakes at the net and stellar defense, he fell 23-21 in the second of two games. Matt and Ben played the other semi. Ben won the first game easily through several Wrobel errors, but Matt effectively used his xcourt smash to win points in the second game. However, in the end Ben won 22-20.

Jura and Tiffanie are starting another battle in the womens singles final.

Mens doubles will start after that. Hull is in the sr. mxd final.

mid-day update

It’s 1:20 and things are progressing well. calling open womens singles semis and the last mens quarter is in the third game. Hentschel will play Norman in one semi and Hussey awaits the winner of Matt Wrobel and Ang Nguyen (winner at Omaha earlier this year) in the other.

Sai is back out on the court against Hermann from Omaha. He lost the first game but is winning 10-8 in the second. 10-9, nice drive, then drop for point 11-9, 12-9. 13-9. Hermann is tiring. 14-9 with a nice smash. If Sai can avoid errors, he could win this game. 14-11. 15-11. nice use of clear and drop. another nice drop 16-11. 16-12. 17-12. 17-13. Hermann trying to use his smash to shorten points. 17-14. 17-15. net error 18-15. clear error 18-16. 18-17. nice return 19-17. 19-18. drop error 20-18. 20-19. 20-20. good attack 21-20. missed drop 21-21. nice defense by hermann 21-22. service err 22-22. 22-23 hermann attacks. nice point 22-24.

game 3

1-1, 2-1 on nice attack, need more attack, 3-1, error to 4-1, smash error 4-2, 4-3, nice drop 5-3, 6-3 set up with nice serve, 6-4, losing most of net play, error 6-5, good drop 7-5, good attack 8-5, error 8-6, error 8-7, good drop 9-7, 9-8 on drop, 9-9, return error 9-10, god clear 10-10, nice drop 11-10, switch, 12-10 on error, good smash 13-10, 14-10, net error 14-11, 15-11, error 16-11, 17-11, 17-12, 18-12, 18-13, 18-14, good attack 19-14, 19-15, 20-15, 20-16, 21-17. much better attack.

sai in c singles

sai dropped intot the C singles and is back on court. serving a bit better. not using the wrist hold we worked on earlier this week. using his smash effectively. need to get smash return a bit closer to net. smash return on fh going xcourt all the time. still a close game, but I don’t know score. nice drop, 21-15.

game 2. 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, not a good drop, 1-3, error 2-3, short serve, but smash wasn’t good, 3-3, 4-3, good attack 5-3, short serve again 5-4, return error, 5-5, serve error 6-5, bh drop error 6-6, net error 6-7, smash too flat, 6-8, nice drop 6-9, error 7-9, 8-9, drop error, 9-9, good long point 10-9, nice push 11-9, smash error 11-10, return error 11-11, 11-12, 11-13 on short clear, 11-14, nice drop 12-14, return error 13-14, 13-15, nice net 13-16, good smash 14-16, good rally 15-16, return error 16-16, 16-17, smash 17-17, new bird, error 18-17, 18-18, 18-19, 18-20, 18-21.

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